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Sing Along!

legalize gay weed song

Uploaded to YouTube by CharlieTehUnicorn001, the “Legalize Gay Weed Song” has enjoyed tens of thousands of views as of this posting. The video is actually an edited version of the hour-long version of “Rainbow Troloload (Mario Kart theme)”, featuring the renowned Russian singer Eduard Anatolyevich Khil. The original recording is from Khil’s 1976 recording “I […]

‘Highsexual’: Can Weed Make You ‘Temporarily Gay’?


  First we had metrosexuals, then we had spornosexual, and now, there’s “highsexuals.” Straight men who report feeling “temporarily gay” as a side effect of smoking weed are more common than you’d think, according to several self-professed straight guys discussing this very topic on Reddit this week. What are your thoughts on this story? Comment […]